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Nursing is a profession that has compassion and dedication ingrained in its core; along with many other virtuous values. Nurses are the backbone of any kind of healthcare institute; they are the ones who provide support to the patients from their first contact at the healthcare set-up till getting discharged after regaining health.

Nurturing and care are the two fundamental elements of nursing profession. The profession is advancing day by day with advancement in technology and enrichment of the role of nursing as an integral part of healthcare; but the core values remain same.

  • Honesty & sincerity
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Dedication
  • Accountability
  • Confidentiality & privacy
  • Patient advocacy

Nurses have a pivotal role in the patient care dynamics; these roles contribute significantly in improving overall patient care. Following are a few roles of a nurse:

  1. Care giver: This is the most important role of a nurse. The approach of a nurse should be holistic, i.e. the patient as a whole is important and meaningful and needs to be given the care specifically needed
  2. Decision Maker: Nurses take part in routine patient rounds; the observation and assessment of a nurse helps the healthcare team to take correct decisions for the management of a patient. Decision making skills are developed during the training program of nurses and it enhances with time as they get involved in total patient care.
  3. Communicator: Effective Communication (verbal and written) is very important and nurses are responsible to select the best method to communicate their interventions to patient and their family members. Documentation of each event and intervention is very essential. The nurses are also responsible for communicating the instructions that the patient needs to follow.
  4. Patient advocate: It is the responsibility of a nurse to protect the patient’s rights and communicate these rights to patient.
  5. Teacher: Teaching regarding the disease process, medication and home-care is also important role of a nurse.

The nurses must show professional attitude towards patient and organization to improve the quality of healthcare.

  1. Demonstrate professional attitude within the organization.
  2. Respect the patient and their family members.
  3. To know the complete history of assigned patients.
  4. Apply effective communication tools. Explain treatment related plans (like procedure) to the patient.
  5. Effective communication with physician and other health team members.
  6. To provide consistent care to patients.
  7. Utilize critical thinking and decision making skills.
  8. To participate in daily patient rounds.
  9. Follow the technique of safe medication administration.
  10. To follow the infection control measures and protocols to ensure safety of patients as well as healthcare providers.
  11. Document each event in patient file.
  12. Respect all staff regardless of designation and hierarchy.
  13. Senior staff acts as mentor for junior staff.

Every hospital has got some core objectives to achieve recognition in the health industry. These are some objectives of the nursing department.

  1. Reduce absenteeism
  2. Reduce overtime of staff
  3. Continuous training of staff.
  4. 100% BLS certification of staff.
  5. Follow benchmarked standards & protocols within procedures.
  6. Maintain Safe and conducive working environment.
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